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Teens are new drivers. They lack necessary skill and experience behind the wheel. Everyone has to learn, but the process requires some extra effort today. This is why many state governments put restrictions on teen drivers. If you are a parent, you should know what these laws are and why they matter. READ MORE >>

Tire failure is a key cause of accidents and ensuing insurance claims. Tires generally receive more wear and tear than other areas of a vehicle. They must endure incredible force. And, they must remain in excellent working condition to keep the vehicle moving. It’s important to check your tires to keep your family safe. READ MORE >>

You parked in the wrong location. You have a ticket to show for it. Will this raise your auto insurance costs? In most cases, tickets like this do not put your license at risk. They often do not impact your auto insurance rates either. There are a few things to keep in mind, though. READ MORE >>

An increase in auto insurance costs can create a worry for anyone trying to balance a budget. It does not have to be a stress factor, though. Whenever your car insurance increases, take the time to consider why. Then, work with your agent to find the most affordable options. Insurance is not something to allow to lapse. READ MORE >>

If you’ve carried an SR-22, you likely know that these requirements end after a certain period of time. However, just because your SR-22 period is ending, that doesn’t let you completely off the hook. You have to continue to take special precautions to guard your insurance risks in the future. READ MORE >>

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