Bundle Home and Auto Insurance

Bundle, Save, Simplify. 

Wouldn't it be inconvenient if you had to go to one store to buy milk and a different store to buy cereal? It would also be more expensive spending gas to travel to different stores. Well, it's the same with property insurance. Why insure your auto and home with two different companies? Avoid the hassle of keeping track of each policy when you bundle insurance policies. Bundle insurance means insuring more than one product with the same insurance company. This is more commonly known for auto and home insurance combinations. Although it can also include RV, motorcycle, boat, rental homes, and more. 

We can also bundle commercial insurance such as General Liability and Bonds!  How does bundle insurance save you money? It's generally called a multiple policy discount, also know as multi-policy, multi-lines, and, of course, a bundle discount. These discounts can save about 3%-20% on each individual policy in most cases, depending on the carrier.

Bundle insurance also saves you time, and as some people say... "Time is money!". Why would you want to navigate those tricky automated systems and wait on hold for each policy? If you bundle here at Consumer Insurance, you don't have to deal with any automated systems. If you call us, we aim to answer on the first ring with someone who can help you. 

Bundle insurance is also simple, lessening the hassle. Most carriers offer access to multiple policies through one web portal. So for those of you who prefer online access, bundling avoids having to remember numerous logins! Some insurance companies even offer combined billing, meaning you can pay your auto and home insurance in one bill. Life is easier with less bills to keep track of! Another way that bundle insurance simplifies your life is with claims!

The whole reason we have insurance is for those "just-in-case" instances. In those cases where you do need to claim damage to your home or auto (or if you're unlucky- both), you are most likely already suffering from the loss. The last thing you are going to want to do is spend hours on the phone with different companies. Claims with bundled policies may save you money on your deductibles as well. Some carriers offer one deductible in the event of a bundled claim. So, rather than paying a deductible on your auto separate from your home deductible.  There may be unusual circumstances where you may not be able to bundle your insurance.

That's not a problem! We can still find the best rates and coverages for each policy, while still keeping your policies in the same office. Whatever your needs may be, we have options for you! Call us at 541-383-1733 or click here to start saving time and money today!