Suspension Information

A driving suspension is when your drivers license is cancelled. This can be for certain tickets, unpaid fines or an act of the judicial system. In most cases this is temporary. We help eligible people when getting the suspension lifted.

What Happens?

If a court suspends, revokes or cancels your license, you may get a suspension, revocation, or cancellation order while in court. The court may also take away your license and return it to DMV.

If your license is suspended or revoked by DMV:

  • A notice of suspension or revocation will be sent to the address on file with DMV
  • You must return your license to a DMV office when the suspension or revocation begins
  • You cannot drive
  • You will need to pay a fee of $75.00 go to get your license back (once the suspension period is over) and
  • There may be other requirements ordered by the court

If you would like more information regarding suspensions, click here.